Data Science was the main topic during the last two editions of Summer School in Wroclaw, and we will continue this topic in 2017. In the previous editions of our School we welcomed students from 15 different countries and 5 continents.
We offer 60 hour course that includes lectures and hands-on tutorials/laboratory sessions. The program covers various data science concepts such as:
  • Data analysis
    • introduction to Python
    • data wrangling
    • web scraping
    • data visualization
  • Machine learning
    • introduction to Machine Learning
    • supervised vs unsupervised learning
    • the most popular frameworks for machine learning
    • machine learning for real-time and off-line processing
    • the most popular applications for machine learning
    • examples of machine learning for biology, medicine and industry 4.
  • Data mining
    • introduction to Data Mining
    • handling and cleaning data
    • multivariate statistics and decision trees
    • cluster analysis
  •  Big data
    • introduction to big data
    • MapReduce
    • Hadoop
    • MongoDB
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Apache Spark with Python

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